At HELIOVIS, technology is at the heart of our mission. We have developed a cutting-edge solution that is changing how industries operate, offering an affordable and sustainable process heat alternative. Discover how our innovative solar thermal collector harnesses  the sun’s energy to provide your industry with reliable, carbon-free heat.

Cutting-Edge Solar Collector

The HELIOtube® Advantage

Move beyond costly glass-mirror parabolic troughs to experience the innovation of HELIOtube® technology. Our inflatable solar collector offers a cost-effective solution thanks to its robust, lightweight, and recyclable plastic construction. Comprising three industry-proven plastic films – a base film, transparent film, and mirror film – the HELIOtube® operates as an inflatable cylindrical concentrator.
This unique design features a mirror film that divides the concentrator into two airtight chambers, creating a mirror channel. This channel efficiently concentrates sunlight onto a standard thermal receiver in the upper chamber, unlocking powerful solar heat like never before.
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Manufacturing and Implementation

Taking Cost Off-Site
and Into an Industrial Environment

We recognise that traditional on-site manufacturing processes are costly, time-consuming, and often constrained by logistical challenges. That is why we produce our products off-site in a roll-to-roll process and controlled industrial environment. This centralised serial production unlocks multiple advantages:



First Industrial Application of the HELIOtube® Technology

HELIOVIS built, commissioned, and operates the first industrial application of the HELIOtube® in the maximum size of 220m length, 9m diameter and 8m aperture for a Food & Beverage company in southern Spain.

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Please Get in Touch
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