HELIOVIS is a smart-tech company founded in 2009 with its headoffice in Vienna, Austria. The company developed, produces and markets the HELIOtube technology, a lightweight pneumatic solar concentrator.

HELIOVIS invented the HELIOtube technology in order to tackle challenges that all Parabolic Trough Concentrators (PTC) have in common: complexity and high costs. The HELIOtubes’ innovation factor aimed at all processes throughout the value chain in order to make PTC economically sustainable and more competitive. As a result, fossil fuels can be saved and allocated to more critical and profitable processes. HELIOVIS aims at strengthening local markets and wishes to bring know how, local content, and jobs to the countries.

With our partners we are fostering use of solar thermal power in various applications including – but not limited to – process heat, solar cooling, water desalination, enhanced oil recovery as well as the generation of electricity. Our global network expands over all continents with partnerships with governmental and international organizations, renowned corporations, confident investors, and renowned research facilities


Company founded – December 2009

While there are tremendous innovation efforts to be seen in the thermal system (e.g. thermo fluids, receivers) and the power block (e.g. steam turbine) of a solar thermal plant, there had been very little innovation when it comes to costly parabolic trough concentrators.
Johannes Hoefler (founder & inventor) and Felix Tiefenbacher (co-founder & CEO) established HELIOVIS AG with the sole aim to reduce the cost of solar concentrators.

Successful construction of HELIOtube 1.0 – Spring 2011

After an extensive R&D phase HELIOVIS successfully constructed HELIOtube 1.0 at the premises of a state-owned Austrian energy provider.

First pilot installed and tested – April 2013

HELIOVIS has designed, deployed, and run an improved large scale pilot in Spain, including the in-field test of transport and installation logistic operations. This demonstration proofed the fundamental principles of the technology.

EU Horizon 2020 Grant – Summer 2015

HELIOVIS has won numerous national and international grants and awards. This includes a significant grant in the biggest European Union Research and Innovation program Horizon 2020 despite fierce competition among over 2,000 projects from all over the EU.

Creation of HELIOtube 2.0 – July 2016

After an intensive engineering phase in co-operation with a major German automobile manufacturer, the first generation HELIOtube 1.0 was greatly improved by increases in size and scalability. HELIOtube 2.0 and further reduces the costs throughout materials, production, logistics, installation, and operation.

First industrial application – Fall 2016

HELIOVIS builds and commissions the first industrial application of the HELIOtube in the marketable size of 9 meters diameter and 220 meters length for an agricultural company in Spain.

Market entry and roll out – Fall 2016

HELIOVIS is ready to transfer its know-how to local partners in order to create local value and generate jobs in the target market. HELIOVIS is now capable and willing to participate in tenders and to offer utility-scale solar fields to EPCs.