A New Way to Turn the Sun’s Power into Energy

Sunlight can be concentrated to create intense heat and that is the simple principle behind HELIOVIS AG. We have designed and developed the HELIOtube® to create renewable solar heat for industrial processes (90°C to ≥ 400°C).

Our innovative system can significantly lower your CAPEX compared to glass-based technologies. The cleaning process is very efficient, saving approximately 80% water vs. competition. This is an important benefit, since water is a precious and scarce resource in the arid regions in which solar thermal technologies are typically deployed.

HELIOVIS featured in the episode, ‘The Edge: Energy Expo’ in which CNBC travelled to Kazakhstan to explore the ‘Future Energy’ Astana Expo in 2017.

Since the filming of this video, our first industrial application of a full-scale solar collector (the HELIOtube®) was commissioned in Spain. And over the past months, HELIOVIS has built a diversified pipeline of projects with well-known multinational corporations and is about to sign commercial contracts. Watch this space!

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